Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Generating Topics

Current events:
1. New York legalizing gay marriage
2. U.S. Hikers sentenced to 8 years in prison in Iran
3. The royal wedding
4. Amy Winehouse's death
5. Libya
6. Tragedy in Norway
7. Hurricane Irene
8. Merger between AT&T and T-Mobile blocked.
9. Australian collar bomb suspect arrested
10. Russia plans to open first space hotel in five years.

Ongoing debates
1. Gay rights
2. Abortion
3. Immigration
4. Energy crisis
5. Overpopulation
6. Redistribution of wealth
7. Stem cells
8. Legalization of marijuana
9. Obesity
10. Polygamy

Personal interests
1. Drawing
2. Reading
3. Writing
4. Creating comics
5. Iranian culture/Freedom for Iran
6. Anthropology
7. Foreign languages
8. Music
9. Movies
10. Anime

Things going on now that I hate
1. Riots in London
2. Hunger in Somalia, refugee camps over capacity
3. Bookstores dying and the growing popularity of e-readers
4. Casey Anthony
5. Horrible reality TV (like it's really reality at all)
6. Lack of good music
7. Flash mobs in the U.S.
8. 3-D movies, TVs, do we REALLY need it on our phones???
9. The overall state of the economy here in the U.S.
10. The overall state of the world

Things going on now that I love
1. Minecraft
2. Pokemon Black and White
3. deviantART
4. Web comics
5. Gay rights
6. Mash-ups
7. The internet
8. No kill shelters for animals
9. Rosetta Stone
10. Tablets (the drawing kind, not this iPad bullcrap).

Things that may happen that I'm looking forward to
1. Gay rights spreading
2. Avatar: The Legend Of Korra
3. Pottermore
4. New Miyazaki movie being released in Japan
5. Love Never Dies coming to the U.S. in Broadway
6.Successful revolutions in oppressive places in the world
7. Lady Gaga hopefully coming out with a better single
8. Outflix film festival
9. Good movies coming out
10. Hopefully more protest against the Iranian government

Subjects important to people I know that I know little about
1. Aerial wolf hunting
2. Drug war in Mexico, weapons supplied by U.S.
3. Starvation in North Korea
4. Libya
5. Planned Parenthood
6. Phone hacking
7. Shutting down the space program
8. Tokyo Pop going bankrupt (perhaps I saw this coming...)
9. Housing crisis in Britain
10. U.S. Status decreased to AA+

This list may definitely be revised later

100 Circles.

25 of my favorites of the 100 circles.
Electric Outlet
Video Game Controller Button
 Profile View of Oshawott's Head
 Piggy Bank
 Yarn Ball
Sun Dial

Illustration 3!!

From here until the end of the semester, all posts will be related to Illustration 3 for the most part.